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                   IVERS ACADEMY
                     ON HIATUS

     Due to inactivity on our part, we have decided to put this RPG on hiatus. Neither admin is able to make time for this RPG as things are currently.

     This is a hiatus; we are not quitting. Ivers Academy will be active in the future. While there is no set date, it will happen.

     (Mostly) Admin Dean will be on occasionally to check (and respond to) messages. Work will be done once in a while — improvements will be made. If you have any questions or concerns, please message us.

     All current members will be invited back without application once we continue activity. We apologize for any disappointments or inconveniences. Thank you to those who have stuck with us thus far, and we hope to see you again in the future.

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Re-opened roles will be updated ASAP as well.

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Kristian Moreau — until October 27, 2012
Daniel Ayyers — until October 27, 2012
Headmaster Ivers — until October 27, 2012
Luka Kaminski — until November 1, 2012

If you would like to put your character on hiatus, please message and tell us when you will be coming back.

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    OOC Name & Timezone: Emi, GMT
    Activity Level (1-10): Roughly 7, but it fluctuates a little
    Desired Character: Emelia Luana Noemi Barone

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  • OOC Name & Timezone: Gnome, GMT+10 (AEST)
  • Activity Level (1-10): Varies on work and motivation. 4-8.
  • Desired Character: Melissa Lianne Van Dijk

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Members: if you have not been invited to the OOC blog, it is because you do not have ask or submit enabled.

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I know it might take quite a lot of time, but could you possibly make a little list with the characters and their roleplayer's names please? It makes things a lot more straightforward than looking at all of the characters to find their roleplayer's names, and also some of the closed characters don't have their roleplayer's names on them. It makes things a little simpler because there could be a lot of confusion with peoples' names and characters' names. Thanks!


While we may do something like this in the future, the accepted tag will serve as a temporary list until we do.

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We will now be accepting applications and apologize for the delay.

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▋ H I S T O R Y

     Most would have never expected Brett to be the way that he is. Growing up in a small home with three other siblings, Brett had been a middle child and a target for self-rite. His eyes were always filled with a sparkle, however, despite attention never truly being on him and people at his old school always saw something in him that they didn’t have. What did he have that other children in the past did not have? A certain dedication filled his heart and lungs, wrapping around them as tight as could be and pulling at his strings like a puppet. That’s when, starting in the seventh grade, Brett started to find something that he loved. Invited to join a game of tennis, his spark and dedication were focused on the sport and eventually he built himself into it like a tetris game. Growing up where he did, however, in West Virginia, meant that he was also unable to support himself. Without a job and a stable family, the idea of even playing tennis professionally had come to a close for a small period of his life in which he was overwhelmed with feelings of dread and doubt.
     No matter what other hobbies he could have had, Brett always enjoyed a game of tennis the most. Eventually, only a year after starting to play tennis, Brett was able to fund his way into the game by buying his own tennis racket and joining his local high school tennis team in the eighth grade despite his younger age. He was able to play just as great as any ninth or tenth grader, after all, because he was dedicated in it. That, however, meant nothing to his family. In fact, they never would see what he saw in the game.
     Athletics were something his family did not want for their children. Instead, Brett and his siblings had been forced to focus solely on academics and nothing else. That was until the day that the letter came.

▋ I V E R S  A C A D E M Y

     Brett looked at the letter in surprise. The letter had been something that he was hoping to get from somewhere, from someplace, to escape the wrath of his parents whom despised his love of tennis. Brett was nonetheless filled with joy when he was allowed to go to Ivers Academy, convincing both of his parents to let him make his escape, allowing him to place tennis after making half-empty promises to pay more attention to the education part of Ivers than the more important part to him and the school itself, Athletics.

▋ P E R S O N A L I T Y

     Even though Brett is definitely bubbly once you get to know him, one could also describe him as quiet. Because he is focused on his surroundings, Brett is more likely to think instead of reply and more like to watch instead of join in. Brett is usually caught in a world of his own that coincides with the way that he plays tennis; silent and quick. Due to this, Brett isn’t seen with many people, but he does know quite a lot of people due to his athleticism and even the fact that when he does talk, he is very easy to get along with.
     Most do not realize what he is truly like beyond that barren face of his and those blue eyes the color of the midnight sky. Many believe him to be a selective mute. Even though that description would not be far off, one could easily pull him out of his state of thinking if they truly tried to start a conversation with him. Too many people make too many assumptions about the youth.

▋ R E L A T I O N S H I P S

  • NONE → No pre-existing relationships

▋ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

  • HOUSE → Athletics
  • YEAR → Three (3)
  • TRAITS → Quiet, Friendly
  • AVAILABILITYOpen // Closed // Triggered // Inactive
  • OOC Name & Timezone: Timothy, EST
  • Activity Level (1-10): 7

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