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▋ H I S T O R Y

     Vanessa was born and raised in the east of Canada where she grew up not worrying about too much of anything. Other than the world of dance that is. Certainly she was good at plenty of other sports – her aunts who raised her made sure she was exposed to several different options – but dance was always her more prominent calling. Plus it had the extra advantage of being something you could do anytime, anywhere, because there wasn’t really a restriction on equipment, all you needed was your body. It meant it was an equal playing field, and if you were good, then you were good on your own and not because of money, equipment, or anything else.
     She put in long hours of practice and auditioned for every production she could manage, sometimes even more than she could manage. She became a bit obsessive even. She was racing through everything so much and so fast that her world became dance and dance became her world, almost like nothing existed outside of it. Her aunts tried to make her see what she was doing to herself – and to her body – but they couldn’t get through to her.
     It seemed she was always bound to go and leave everything she’d ever known behind to pursue her goal. Dreams are worth sacrificing everything else after all, right? It’s not even that Vanessa wants to be famous or perform with a specific dance troupe or company, it’s just that she wants to be someone. She had a burning to desire to matter somehow, because she can’t seem to matter to herself.

▋ I V E R S  A C A D E M Y

     Upon receiving her letter, she ripped it opened, only half able to believed it, and she read the letter at least five times over before processing the words enough to let out an excited screech and go running to show her aunts. It meant somehow, someone had seen her, that they thought she was good, really good. That she was good, actually, properly worth something that might matter.

▋ P E R S O N A L I T Y

     Vanessa is chatty one, but she isn’t so good about actually getting out and talking to people in a friendly manner. She has a bad habit of not thinking before she speaks, so often she can come off as a bit blunt, snarky, or maybe even rude depending on the situation. She believes honesty is the best policy, and if someone gets hurt in the process, tough luck. Due to growing up surrounded by the competitiveness of the dance world, it’s hard to find Vanessa’s softer side, though it’s in there somewhere.
     She also has a bit of a crazy imagination, and doesn’t care about disturbing other people’s version of reality in order to share her ideas. This can push people away, resulting in it being difficult for her to make new friends. This in turn however just drives her to talk to people more, whether they want her to talk to them or not, in a desperate bid to try and not be so lonely.

▋ R E L A T I O N S H I P S

  • NONE → No pre-existing relationships

▋ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

  • HOUSE → Athletics
  • YEAR → Three (3)
  • TRAITS → Talkative, Energetic, Easy Distracted, Persistent
  • AVAILABILITYOpen // Closed // Triggered // Inactive

OOC Name & Timezone: Alby / EST ( GMT – 5 )

Activity Level (1-10): 7 ?

Character Name: Vanessa Ashling Windsor-Delaney

Character Age: 16

House: Athletics

Character Faceclaim: Taylor Swift

Character Summary:

Vanessa is obsessive about dance, to probably an unhealthy level, which explains her sometimes delusional attitude about the rest of reality. She loves her family, or what she has of one, but she also feels disconnected from them. She tries to mostly bury her really pertinent, deep emotions under a whole lot of noise if you will in order to just keep on keeping on and not be haunted by aspects of her past.

Character Sexuality: I can’t actually fill this in right now, because I haven’t played her yet. Normally my characters will tell me this information (as well as physical traits they prefer) when they’re ready, which could be anywhere from a few days to a whole month. It depends on how comfortable they are with themselves.

Writing Sample: 

Vanessa sat on bench along the side of the studio prep-room doing up her shoes, sometimes looking up to smile at people as they passed or say hello, but mostly just getting lost inside her own head. Reviewing steps and drills. People told her it would be better if she didn’t over-think the steps, that the flow of the movements would come much more naturally that way, but she couldn’t help the nerves that always bubbled up inside her, even if it was only just for starting something as mundane seeming as practice. Because it wasn’t mundane. How could something that was your world be mundane? Because that was the thing about dance, it was a kind of magic – painting in motions, creating a piece to exist for just that, a moment, to be gone the next just like the wind. It was a beautiful thing.

She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as she sat up, perfect posture like always, and actually did up her hair tight and out of her face. Something that was considerably tricky to do with hair that was as curly as hers tended to get. Next she’d have to warm up and stretch of course, but then, then she could be free of herself and her life if only for a little while. She could just be movement and motion and the wind, melding to and around the other people she had come to trust as a kind of weird family, no matter how cut throat they got with each other behind the scenes sometimes. Not that Vanessa wasn’t either, far from it, she was no angel and she did her fair share of clawing onto things. It was just, sometimes she felt like more than one person rolled into such a thin shell. There was the girl who was dance and beauty and grace, and there was the girl who couldn’t think right and said all the wrong things at very odd times and created more awkward situations than she cared to admit.

Maybe she should have tried gymnastics longer. She’s probably have made a wonder candidate for the balance beam. 

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