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▋ H I S T O R Y

     Alecia grew up in a beach town with her mom. She was a very bubbly and talkative child who loved making new friends. She was rarely caught without her smile and loved to laugh. Everything seemed perfect in her life, that is, until she turned twelve.
     This is when her world was changed forever. Her mom met a successful lawyer and they soon married. Her mom soon evolved into a greedy, self-centered woman and Alecia paid the price. Her step-father started sexually, physically, and verbally abusing her on a weekly bias. Despite her cries for help, her mother turned her cheek. After-all, she wouldn’t want to lose the fortune her husband had provided her and soon she joined in on the abuse, informing her daughter how much of an ungrateful whore she was any chance she got. Alecia fell apart, crying herself to sleep most nights and avoiding both of her guardians as much as possible.
     Her hurt and pain soon turned to anger and hate. She promised herself NO ONE would ever hurt her again and NO ONE would ever take away her power from her. She never wanted to feel so small again. She became cold and heartless towards the world around her. Alecia will do whatever it takes to protect herself from hurt, regardless of who she has to pissed off in order to do that. The bubbly, blonde-haired, innocent child very rarely ever show her face in Alecia. She is still there, locked deep down, but she is slowly fading away and maybe will be gone for good.

▋ I V E R S  A C A D E M Y

     When a video of Alecia playing piano and doing a cover of Fiona Apple’s Paper Bag went viral, the headmaster saw it as a chance to invite her to the school. Alecia enjoyed any opportunity to get away from her guardians, so she lunged at the chance for it.

▋ P E R S O N A L I T Y

     Alecia is a bitch. She is very blunt and to the point, never being afraid to express what she feels. She loves getting a shock out of people with what she says. She is cruel and calculated, purposely tearing others down to fuel the hatred and anger inside of her. She is also extremely opinionated and has no problem telling anyone what she thinks about them.
     As hard as she tries to hide it, she is insecure and most of the things she points out in others are the things she hates about herself. She is destructive and loves to cause trouble. Her favorite past time is pissing people off. She loves breaking the rules and doing the things most people frown upon. She is a masochist in the way she loves inflicting pain through her sharp tongue.

▋ R E L A T I O N S H I P S

  • NONE → No pre-existing relationships

▋ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

  • HOUSE → Music
  • YEAR → Four (4)
  • TRAITS → Cold, Blunt, Trouble-making, Calculating, Cruel
  • AVAILABILITYOpen // Closed // Triggered // Inactive

    OOC Name & Timezone: Luke / PST
    Activity Level (1-10): 7 / 8

    Character Name & Age: Alecia Marie Maines / 17
    House:  Music
    Character faceclaim: Charlotte Free

Sexuality: Straight

    Writing Sample: [flashback]
Alecia bit down on her nail, chipping the black paint off with her teeth. She stood with her back against the white brick wall. Her pink hair fell lazily on her shoulder and her Iron Maiden with the sides cut off hung loosely on her slender figure. She smirked, turning around as she heard the familiar voice call her name. She walked into the small office, flopping herself down into the empty seat in front of the oak wood desk. She smirked, looking across the desk at the elderly man sitting across from her.

"Ms. Maines, this is the fifth time you’ve got sent to me this week. Why is that?"

"Because you’re faculty are a bunch of fucking idiots," she said flatly.

"Would you watch your mouth?"

She stood up with a smirk, “Want me to watch my mouth? How’s this? Fuck you, you old hack.” She tucked her hair behind her ear and gave him a devilish smile, “Better?”

"That’s it. I’ve had enough of you. You are suspended!" he screamed, obviously infuriated at her remark.

"Oh. Now I’m really sad. Boohoo," she replied, clearly amused at his frustration with her.

"Don’t push your luck, young lady."

"Or what?"

"That’s it. I’ve done everything I can to you. You’re expelled."

"DING! DING! We have a winner. Now, was that so hard?"

"Get out."

"Gladly, asshole. I’m out."

With that, she stood up, smiling in satisfaction and walking out the door. Her boots squeaked against the tiled floor. She stopped, opening up an unlocked locker and digging into the pocket of the coat in it. She smirked, finding a twenty dollar bill in it, “Ah, what a day.” She slammed the locker door shut, continuing to walk towards the front of the building and out the front doors.

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